How to Earn Online Without Any Investment

A how to make quick money, or make money online premier provided by this site.

 By Josh Argent 

If you're wondering how to earn online without any investment, I suggest that you finish reading this article. Do not get into the trap of buying the newest guru eBook that will teach you some fabulous new system that may or may not make you rich overnight.

Your goal to earn online without any investment can be achieved, but it's going to take a lot of work. Nevertheless, it will work out in the long run. Here are some steps for you to follow.

1) Setting up a blog that will earn a residual income for you:

If you are tired of earning peanuts online, do not become discouraged. If you could earn even a tiny bit with one blog, you can actually expand that into something that's more profitable for yourself personally. In other words, instead of having just one or two blogs that are earning perhaps five dollars a month, set up numerous similar blogs. Try to aim for 50 blogs ensuring that you use the free services online to do so.

2) Set up micro-niche websites:

Instead of making a website that has about 50 pages in it, try to add only around five to seven pages to a new website. Again, there is no reason to invest any money at all because there are so many places online that will provide you with a free template to set up a website and they will also provide you with hosting space for free. The only major drawback is that you will have to have their domain name incorporated into your URL.

If you really want to jumpstart your earning potential, I suggest that you start to learn about affiliate marketing. Here is a great page for you to read: how to earn online without any investment [] through affiliate marketing

Also, check out a place that supplies supreme and easy to follow training for affiliate marketing. I can vouch for this site since I am currently a member of the site: []

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How to Earn Online Money With Blogging

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 By Heidi D. 

You do not have to be internet savvy to make money on the ever growing globalizing technology that the world wide web has availed to us. If you want to know how to earn online money all you have to do is understand a few basic elements and take advantage of a profitable market. Let's take a look at the blogging route to answer how to earn online money.

What is a blog? It's a method of publishing text, photos and articles. What do you blog about? The answer is anything you can convince people to read. Niche blogging allows you to have a website pertains to an certain area of interest. Lets take the AIG crisis for example. Many people will be using search engines to gain information and updates regarding this highly debatable and broadcasted topic. They will look for forums and opinions regarding the same. If you knew that this was going to be an area of interest to the general public you can dedicate a web page to answering people's questions, providing comprehensive insights, keeping the site updated which will lead to people coming back to your website over and over. Another, of many types of blogging, is video blogging. Creating a diary of yourself or of a fictitious character has made mini stars out of people due to their highly trafficked diary websites. The more incoming traffic you have to your site, the demand for advertising spots will increase and therefore the money you can make will grow exponentially. It's a sure way to understanding how to earn online money.

There are different elements of blogging and how to earn online money related to this process. The actual writer of a blog can be a third party employee who does not seek the profits of the website directly. Instead the blogger is paid to write articles at the request of the web page owner. The owner will require certain key words be implemented in the context that they feel will draw people to their website. Lets take white water rafting for example. If a tour company wants to draw people to their site about white water rafting they can connect with those that are interested via blogs that are produced from search engines. For those that search this key word might find an article that the company ordered which provides information about the topic. This article will link through the key word back to their personal website creating traffic. This is another method of how to earn online money through blogging.

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Judge With Libertarian Views Retires

From a recent report, explaining libertarian beliefs on the retiring Brown. The application of libertarian philosophy expressed by the John Locke Foundation, the Libertarian Party or the judge may or may not universally represent what is a libertarian position on the topic for all adherents.

Janice Rogers Brown—one of my favorite federal judges—will retire next month from the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit. Damon Root has called her, “The most libertarian federal judge in America,” and that may well be true. In a speech to the Federalist Society, in which she quoted both Ayn Rand and Milton Friedman, Judge Brown observed that:

Where government moves in, community retreats, civil society disintegrates, and our ability to control our own destiny atrophies. The result is: families under siege; war in the streets; unapologetic expropriation of property; the precipitous decline of the rule of law; the rapid rise of corruption; the loss of civility and the triumph of deceit. The result is a debased, debauched culture which finds moral depravity entertaining and virtue contemptible.

Such frankly expressed views won Judge Brown many enemies. Her nomination to the D.C. Circuit (by George W. Bush) was held up for years by Senate Democrats, including a newly elected senator from Illinois named Barak Obama. In one of his first speeches on the floor of the Senate, Obama said he opposed Judge Brown’s nomination “in the strongest terms”:

Justice Brown believes … that the New Deal, which helped save our country and get it back on its feet after the Great Depression, was a triumph of our very own “Socialist revolution.” … She equates even the most modest efforts to level life’s playing field with somehow inhibiting our liberty. …

She believes the Supreme Court should be able to overturn minimum wage laws. She thinks we should live in a country where the Federal Government cannot enforce the most basic regulations of transparency in our security markets, that we cannot maintain regulations that ensure our food is safe and the drugs that are sold to us have been tested. … [A]ccording to Justice Brown, … local governments or municipalities cannot enforce basic zoning regulations that relieve traffic, no matter how much damage it may be doing a particular community. …

It would be one thing if these opinions were confined to her political speeches. The fact is she has carried them over into her judicial decision making.

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Symantec Acquires Fireglass to Renew Norton AV Dominance

Users desiring more PC security will benefit from the additional support for Norton and online PC helpdue to Symantec's new acquisitions, according to its release. Companies providing online PC supportto for users to renew Nortoninstall McAfee antivirus support or even to download McAfee antivirus will also become more valuable as a result of these developments:

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. – July 6, 2017 – Symantec (NASDAQ: SYMC), the world’s leading cyber security company, today announced that it has entered into an agreement to acquire Israel-based Fireglass, the leading agentless isolation solution that eliminates ransomware, malware and phishing threats in real-time by preventing potentially harmful content from ever reaching user endpoints or the corporate network. With this acquisition, Symantec further strengthens its Integrated Cyber Defense Platform and dramatically extends the Company’s leadership in Secure Web Gateway and Email protection delivered both on premises and in the cloud.

Fireglass’ innovative approach to browser isolation substantially reduces the attack surface, strengthening an enterprise’s security posture and as a result, significantly reduces the burden on the Company’s security operation center (SOC) and IT help desk. Users are protected regardless of the links they click or the uncategorized websites they visit, as all potentially harmful website and email content and attachments are executed within a fully protected and separate environment, eliminating the most common infiltration points for ransomware, exploits and malware. Delivered as a cloud service, on premises, or in a hybrid model, Fireglass provides a transparent and worry-free end user experience, with customers reporting a dramatic reduction in problem tickets and the resulting workload of the security team.

Greg Clark, Symantec CEO said, “Integrating Fireglass’ isolation technology with Symantec’s existing endpoint, email and secure web gateway solutions could reduce security events by as much as 70 percent, while virtually eliminating advanced threats spread by web browsing or email content. Isolation will become a core component in the design of cyber defense architectures for the cloud generation who face the reality of an encrypted Internet and the crisis inherent in email and web-delivered attacks. The ability for the security team to take an aggressive stance on unknown websites and questionable attachments without causing chaos for a company’s users and IT help desk is now a reality. Isolation is a key element of securing the cloud generation and is even a productivity gain for both the end user and security operations center.”

“The pairing of browser isolation with Symantec’s proxy and endpoint capabilities forms a generational change in approach. Our tests show promise for meaningful reductions in attack surface and time-consuming security events,” said Ramin Safai, CISO of Jefferies Group LLC. “I applaud Symantec for focusing on tangible security outcomes – it’s precisely what the industry needs.”

Guy Guzner, Founder and CEO of Fireglass, said, “We’ve long admired Symantec for their leadership in protecting customers’ critical information. Fireglass’ industry-leading isolation technology helps customers battle zero-day attacks and other serious vulnerabilities, making it an essential element for protecting email, messaging and web browsing. It easily integrates with existing security solutions and across all forms of the endpoint including Windows, Mac, Android, iOS and all others including browser-enabled IoT devices. With Symantec’s global scale, we’re excited to bring this groundbreaking technology into the hands of more customers.”

The transaction is subject to customary closing conditions, and is expected to close in the third calendar quarter of 2017. Symantec expects Fireglass’ technology to be available to its customers and partners soon after the transaction closes. Financial terms of the transaction were not disclosed.
About Fireglass

Fireglass allows users to click with confidence from any device by eliminating malware and phishing from web and email with no endpoint agent. Organizations protected by Fireglass maximize user productivity while solving the operational overhead and complexity of web gateways through True Isolation™, where all web traffic is executed remotely and does not reach endpoints. Deployed at Fortune 500 companies, Fireglass was founded by network security leaders and military intelligence veterans and is backed by world-class investors including Lightspeed Venture Partners and Norwest Venture Partners.
About Symantec

Symantec Corporation (NASDAQ: SYMC), the world’s leading cyber security company, helps organizations, governments and people secure their most important data wherever it lives. Organizations across the world look to Symantec for strategic, integrated solutions to defend against sophisticated attacks across endpoints, cloud and infrastructure. Likewise, a global community of more than 50 million people and families rely on Symantec’s Norton and LifeLock product suites to protect their digital lives at home and across their devices. Symantec operates one of the world’s largest civilian cyber intelligence networks, allowing it to see and protect against the most advanced threats. For additional information, please visit visit or connect with us on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Melatonin Spray Breaks Through

Popular interest is increasing over products like melatonin spray, and where to buy sleep spray in the market. Where to buy sprayable sleep is being asked about, as it may be a better approach to get sleep spray than to take melatonin pills:

There had to be a better way. The established old way of delivering vitamin supplements is out of date and ineffective.  The old-fashion technique of two capsules daily with food, one tablet on an empty stomach, four mini tabs every 6 hours between meals… maintaining a traditional food supplement regimen is not only time-consuming, it’s also ineffective. Recent studies have shown that pill, gel cap, and tablet absorption rates may be as low as 10%. FortiVitum Founder, Eimantas Didzbalis, was fed up with ineffective and tedious nutrition practices. He approached a nutritionist, pharmacist, doctor, and scientist with his revolutionary vision. “Our goal was to change the way people approach health.” he states. “We want to help people live up to 100 bright, healthy years on this planet or longer.”

And now there is!  Turn 10% into 93% Vitamin Absorption

Here is the exciting solution. FortiVitum spray vitamins, the collaborative brainchild of several dedicated medical professionals, are revolutionising the vitamin and supplement industry.

Scientific research shows that active ingredients, in oral spray form, are absorbed at a high 93% rate. To get great results faster, chose a spray, that’s guaranteed.

Spray Vitamins Are FDA Approved

It’s a truly innovative, healthy, natural, and easy-to-use health supplement. Whether you’re looking to improve your energy, get a great night’s sleep, or give your immune system the leg up to survive flu season, FortiVitum is the FDA- and cGMP-approved supplement solution. Didzbalis says, “We saw an opportunity to create a convenient, affordable way for people to regain control of their health.” Utilising superior ingredients, FortiVitum provides vegetarian, Non-GMO, gluten-free health supplements that are free from artificial sweeteners, colours and flavours.

Health Powerhouses

FortiVitum’s proprietary spray vitamins are veritable health powerhouses. The Vitum B12+Folic Acid spray vitamin boosts energy, improves brain function, and supports your nervous system. Their Vitamin D3 spray supplement aids calcium absorption for stronger teeth and bones, encourages normal muscle function, and promotes brain and nervous system balance. Finally, their proprietary LaLuna Sleep spray vitamin uses a soothing blend of herbal extracts and melatonin to lull you into your deepest, most restful sleep yet.

Scientifically proven

Backed by science and immediately available with free delivery, FortiVitum puts your health back in the palm of your hands!

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